Jade Leech

He's an eel he's a man he's going to poison your brain (with mushrooms!)

What's this about? Who's Jade?

Jade Leech is a second-year student at Night Raven College, the older twin to Floyd Leech and vice house­warden of Octavinelle.

That's to say, he's a character in the game Twisted Wonderland of which I really have not much to say. He's an eel merman, he's studying on land, he likes mushrooms and hiking. The fandom often mischarac­terizes him as a gentle­man while fall­ing for his façade—he is cunning, manipu­lative and en­tire­ly too adorable. I seem to have a thing for passionate characters. (Because yes, he is passionate, and I want to bite him.)

....but why?

Well actually, it's because he ismy whole world,and therefore gets to be the theme of my tribute page for a coding exercise and everything. Because I've been rotating him in my brain recently, instead of that other guy.

Mushroom facts!

Or, actually, me attempting flex box with Mr. Jade and his shroomies.

Jade Leech SR Card Labwear Groovy
Jade Leech in his natural habit, doing what he loves.
Panellus stipticus
Panellus stipticus, a mushroom known for its bioluminescence—often called "foxfire".